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Versatile copywriter and content marketer based in London, where I currently work in-house at PensionBee. I specialise in finance and small business, but can also take my hand to tech.

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What did the 13/14 budget mean for micro businesses?

Just under two weeks ago, George Osborne arose in the Commons to deliver his fourth budget, designed to build an ‘aspiration nation’ and help those ‘who want to get on’. As such, this year’s budget carried some good news for the UK’s micro businesses, Osborne appearing eager to ease up some of strains facing SMEs...

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How To Choose The Right Business Structure For Your Micro Business Expansion

Expansion can prove a considerable burden on your finances, a litany of funds often needed to fuel growth and ensure that your business is capable of coping with new capital outlays.
Regardless of whe...

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How to expand your micro business and keep your sanity intact

Running a business is hard work, whatever size you’re at. Even more so if you’re a burgeoning one, eyeing or going through expansion.
Speak to many an entrepreneur and they’ll likely tell you that in ...

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Seven Tips For Managing Expansion Successfully

So you’ve formulated a business plan, chosen your company structure and raised the cash needed to fuel your micro businesses growth. Expansion is in sight. All that was tough enough but it’s just abou...

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Three Inspirational Micro Business Expansion Tales

It can be hard to be positive about business in the current climate. Read a paper, turn on your TV or tune in your DAB, and you’ll likely be greeted with a mass of doom and gloom, especially where bus...